Common Metaphors Found in Scripture

The following is taken from Lesson One of the full Bible Course by Pastor G. E. Newmyer and placed here for the convenience and edification of our readers. Understanding these metaphors can truly assist any Bible student in comprehending many of the stories and passages that are found both in the Old Testament and in the New.

ADAM - The beginning of something, the first Adam stands for Natural man with a Living soul, the second Adam stands for a quickening spirit. The first Adam has two positions noted in the Bible, one as evil, the other as good, depending on the usage.

AGE - A period of time, or a Season, often termed “worlds”.

ASHES - Sign of affliction, used with sackclothe to show repentance.

BABE as a FETUS - The root stage of the Seed.

BABE - The time when one is just Born Again, or the Blade.

BAD FISH - The Tares, the Children of the Wicked in the Net (Jude 22-23)

BEASTS OF THE DESERT - Sons of perdition, workers of iniquity, the tares planted in the Wildernes(desert or field).

BEAST OF THE EARTH - Sons of perdition as they surface after the Rapture, near the end of the Time of Comfort (restoration of Israel or "the Night.") 

BEASTS OF THE FIELD - The Wicked in the Season of the Day, the Tares in the Field planted by the enemy. 

BEASTS OF THE ISLAND - Those who are above the Sea; all dry land is considered to be an island. These are those who are raised above the sea but still used the authority of the world. 

BEAST OF THE SEA - The beast in the Gentile World, the one who was given the seat, power and authority of the dragon, by the dragon. 

BEAST -Depends on usage and word used, there are good beasts and bad.

BELL - The sound of a witness, the product of a hundredfold.

BLADE - That which has been born, where one produces fruit, known as  Born Again.

BREACHES - Holes, or openings through which the enemy can attack, or send darts.

BIRDS - Plural usage refers to someone pretending to be someone else; an example would be a false christ.

CHILDREN OF THE DARKNESS - Those who use the authority of the world; this group is of the world. Some of these can be seen in the kingdom of heaven, but not in the Kingdom of God. 

CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE - The children of the world, those who follow the prince of the power (authority) of the air, of which we all were a part before we accepted the Cross.

CHILDREN OF THE DAY - Those of the Season of Grace who walk by the Spirit showing the Love of God.                  

CHILDREN OF LIGHT -  Same as Children of Day, those who are Born Again.

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT - The Remnant who are of the Lesser Light; their position is to make the enemies of Jesus His footstool, by being overcome, whereas we are overcomers.

CHURCH - The place of pure Grace, the place where the Bride of Christ is found.

CHURCHES - Groupings of those found in the Rock, not to be confused with The Church which

is located on the Rock ie: the seven churches in the Book of Revelation.

CLAY - Man made of the earth, natural or soulish.

CLOUD - One age of witnesses - three types of clouds are seen, one is the Great Cloud of Witnesses who were taken captive by Jesus, the second Cloud is the Greater Cloud of Witnesses from this Season, then the dark cloud is comprised of false witnesses.

CLOUDS - More than one age of witnesses, i.e.: Jesus ascended with a Cloud, but  returns with the Clouds.

COURTYARD - Kingdom of heaven, or the place of judgment, the place of entrance where the Lamb was slain, but not the place where the Blood was shed for remission.

CROWN - Sign of authority and power for ruling a nation or kingdom - There are two different types of crowns in the New Testament, one worn by us, the other worn by the kings of the world.

CROWN OF LIFE - Held by the Holy Ghost; given to those of the Promise who endure; sign of Life, also known as the Crown of Righteousness.

CROWN OF SATAN -The point of authority granted by the devil to those who love darkness.

CRYSTAL - The Bride of Christ before the Throne.

CUT OFF - Two usages depending on the Hebrew word used, one means to push away and forget, the other means to Cut some part of the Body away either to enter a Covenant, or a result of a broken Covenant, the latter points to the broken Body of Christ at the Rapture; the Good are cut and taken, the wicked cut off and remain.

DARKNESS - Worldly minded, those who use the authority, power or seat of the dragon, those who say they are in the Light, but hate (slander) their brother  (I John).

DARTS - Works, deeds, or methods of operation of the devil.

DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM - The people within the city of Jerusalem.

- The city of Jerusalem as it sits on mount Zion.

DAUGHTER(s) OF ZION - Those who are called unto Zion of the earth, but who join to the Woman in the latter days.   

DAY - The Time and Season for the Christ minded Church of Grace.

DEAD IN CHRIST - Those who are crucified with Christ, who are either under the altar, or who will be in the Rapture.

DIVERS COLORS - Pretending to be someone else, without the ability to be that someone else, much like a false christ, or a false prophet, not to be confused with a "coat of many colors", many colors and divers colors are very different.

DOOR - Method of entry; for the Christian its the Door into heaven, for the Remnant its the Door of David.

EARTH - Kingdom of heaven; the Sea refers to the Gentile, Sand of the sea to the Jew.

EUPHRATES - A boundary, or mark of division between Israel and the world.

EVE - The name means Life, but metaphorically it means the soul.

EVENING AND MORNING - Creation time for the things of the Night Season.  

EVER - An age, or something lasting until another event begins, such as the phrase ever and ever, meaning an age coupled with another age.

FIELD - Kingdom of heaven; the womb to the Kingdom of God, has both wheat and tares.

FIG TREE - Religious order of Israel, the covering of the flesh alone, not the soul.

FISH - Those appointed to the kingdom of heaven, the Gentiles in the (world).

FOWLS OF  THE AIR - Children of the Wicked, or Tares, those who take, but give nothing.

THE AIR - A place unseen; there are two places unseen, the natural and the spiritual; the prince of the power of the air operates in the natural, the Air where we meet Jesus is spiritual.

FURNITURE - Tools or means used to protect the House, defining the character of the soul.

GATE - Something preventing entry, or an element of ungodly division.

GOOD FISH - Children of God, who desire or walk in love, mercy and grace.

GRASS - People, or flesh.

GREATER LIGHT - Light given the Day, known as the children of the Day.

GROUND - The center of a person; soft ground, a soft heart; hard ground, a hard heart.

HAIR - Covering, anointing.

HAIR AS WOOL - Covering or anointing belonging to God alone.

HAIR/WHITE - A sign of wisdom.

HAY - What is cut off, lacking Water (mercy).

HARVEST - Pertains to the field, not the Net, the place of separation between the wheat and tares.

HEADS - Authorities, those with authority.

HEART - The place where a person's character is formed, the place where intents come from.

HEAVENLIES - Appointed spiritual positions.

HOLY PLACEKingdom of God, the place just before the Holiest of All, the place where the Light, Bread and Blood are first found together.

HOLY OF HOLIES - Head of the Body, the place where the Promise is in hand for all time.

HORN - Symbol of power.

HOUSE - A place where something, or someone dwells, the soul, not the contents, but the place where one finds the character of the person. The saving of man's soul is the purpose of salvation, the soul is the very treasure God seeks.

IMAGE - To resemble something or someone.

IMAGINATIONS - Concepts, ideas and thoughts coming against the knowledge of God; stronghold; a formed fable lacking truthful evidence to support it.

INHABITANTS - Those who are spiritual, or hold a sound Star position.

JERUSALEM - The center of something of God, Jerusalem of the earth is the center of God's Judgment; New Jerusalem of heaven as the center of God's Salvation.

KINGS - Rulers in a kingdom, regardless of the kingdom; there are good kings and bad kings in the kingdom of heaven, a king is defined by how they rule and the methods used.

KINGDOM - A place were power or authority can be exercised, a Kingdom is the place where the Will of the King is being carried out.

KINGDOM OF GOD - Spiritual Kingdom where God rules, the place where the Blood of Jesus is found, the place of Salvation, the Kingdom is with the person by the Spirit. 

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN - Kingdom on earth belonging to God for the purpose of separating the Wheat from the Tares, the place where Mercy is tested, the place of Judgment, often referred to as "the earth," the womb to the Kingdom of God. 

KINGDOM OF SATAN - The world, the place where the dragon gave his power, authority and seat.

LESSER LIGHT - Light given the Night, or Remnant, a lesser power than the Greater Light of the Day.

MOUNTAINS - Nations.

MOONZion of the earth.

NAME - Point of authority.

NIGHT - Time for the restoration of Israel (remnant of the seed of the Woman).

OLIVE TREE - Anointed ones, or the anointing, a symbol of God’s Mercy.

PRINCE - One who begins something, either good or evil; i.e.: Jesus the Prince of  Peace, as Good ; Satan as the Prince of the power of the air, as evil; a prince is defined by the principality they represent.

PRINCES - Holding an area in the nation, identified by the principality they rule.

PRINCIPALITIES - A beginning of something, or the principle place, the formation of something, the foundational thing, the Law of Moses is known as a principality,

ROCK, THE - Christ, the Body of Christ, or Zion of heaven, which the Church is built on.

RULER - Anything or anyone guiding our decisions, or causes us to react, anything, or anyone who dominates us.

SACKCLOTHE - Repentance.

SAND OF THE SEA - The nation and land of Israel.

SEA - Gentile world, often referred to as "the world".

SEA MONSTERS - Sons of perdition, those who left the world, but returned to perdition (world).

SEED - The very beginning of something purposed to grow, the conception process.

SCRIPTURES - Written word about God, inspired and Authored by the Holy Ghost.

SHORE - Place separating the Sea from the Sand of the Sea, thus it's neither the Sand of the Sea, or the Sea; the place of calling and teaching; the place which is akin to the "Gentile Court" in the old temple.

SILLY WOMEN - Teachers without wisdom or Godly knowledge, nothing to do with gender.

SON OF GOD - One who represents God by having the Spirit of Christ in residence.

SON OF MAN  - One who represents the Mercy of  the Father, or Mercy to the people.

SON OF PERDITION - One who has left Perdition (world), but goes back based on using the authority of the world, one who received the Mercy of God, but refuses to give it.

SPROUT - The first aspect of the blade, a novice.

STONES - Foundational, but can be an offense unto stumbling or judgment for those who fail to believe - Jesus as our Corner stone or foundational stone unto the building.

STRONGHOLDS - Thoughts, ideas, hurts, pains, or other mental hindrances coming against the  knowledge of God.

TABERNACLE - Salvation, the Gentile Church, designed of God, movable and teachable.

TARES - Children or off-spring of the wicked, planted evil concepts and attitudes, refers to the works of the devil, and those who use them.

TEMPLE - Judgment, made of stone, which is not movable.

TENT - Tabernacle, place where salvation rests, movable.


VESSEL OF HONOR - One who has received and walks in the Mercy of God.

VESSEL OF DISHONOR - One who received the Mercy of God, but refuses to walk in it.

WHITE ROBE - Resurrected body for the saint in heaven.

WIFE - Congregation.

WOOD - Idol worship, or something cut from a tree.

WORD OF GOD - Jesus (Greek Logos), or Spirit – Life (Greek Rhema - Jn 6:63).

WORDS OF GOD - The Prophetic word, Jesus, the Spirit, the Bible, words of wisdom and Knowledge, any communicated method God uses to inform us.



(These are not the negative association, but the positive usage).


ONE - God, Unity, of one mind          

TWO - Joining together as One.

THREE - Trinity.                                     

  - Creative works.

FIVE - Grace.                                     

SIX - Man - Living soul.

SEVEN - Rest, completeness.                             

EIGHT - New beginnings.

NINE - Holy Spirit.                               

TEN -  Testing.

ELEVEN - God's work with man.                           

TWELVE - Government.

THIRTEEN  -  Rebellion.                                

HUNDRED - Testing ending.



SILVER = Redemption     

GOLD = Purity 

BRASS = Judgment        

IRON = Bondage.         

Tarnish Silver =  Redemption misused, or twisted (Jude 4).

How does one arrive at the meaning of a metaphor? Some are found in first usages, some are defined later. For instance the use of Water as it relates to Mercy, one might think it would be more apt to be the Spirit since Jesus said from our bellies will flow Living Waters, this He spoke of the Spirit (Jn 7:38-39). However, it’s living Water, not simply Water. When we add the word Living, it shows when we are Born Again with the ability to produce Mercies from within it pertains to Life. It doesn’t mean when we speak water is going to come out of our mouths. The same is true with the “washing of the water by the Word”, it’s the Word using the Water(Mercy), not the Water and Word as the same.

Genesis 2:10 is the first place we find the word Water in reference to the Garden, showing God’s Mercy flowing into the Garden. Genesis 16:7 and 18:4 also show acts of Mercy related to the use of Water. The most profound is I John 5:7-8; the Report is in Heaven as the Declaration of the Plan consisting of the Father, Word and Holy Ghost. The Witness on earth is the Water, Blood and Spirit, thus the Witness is carrying out the Report. Jesus as the Word said, “This is My Blood” relating to the New Covenant and Grace, so it makes the connection between the Report and Witness in the area of Word – Blood. We know the Holy Ghost brings the Gift, which Gift is the Spirit (Acts 10:44-47 with 11:15-17). It makes the correlation between the Holy Ghost in the Report and the Spirit in the Witness. Leaving the Water coupled to the Father, we are to be as merciful as our Father, yet Jesus came by both Water and Blood (Luke 6:36, I Jn 5:6, II Cor 1:3, Titus 3:5). We are saved by Mercy, to be saved by Grace through faith, but there is both the Water and Blood (Eph 2:5 & 2:8). Putting all this together we find the Metaphor Water relates to Mercy, it doesn’t mean the definition of the word Water means Mercy, rather it’s the metaphoric usage, just as the metaphor Blood relates to Grace as the New Covenant. We will see Metaphors, Parables and Allegories relating to the Mysteries of God, it’s our honor to search them out to know them (Prov 25:2). Having settled those issues, let us begin with the Beginning.