Short Studies

By Pastor G. Evan Newmyer

A Personal or Group Study as God leads you . . .

An introductory message from Ann M. Wolf: 

With a special focus on "walking in Mercy while holding to Grace," these Short Studies by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer are life-changing, incredibly anointed, and some of the best perspectives on the application of Christian values to daily life, available anywhere today.

Written without the burden of allegiance to one man-made doctrine or another, these fascinating and informative articles lead the reader through the practical and the divine, connecting "type and shadow" found in the Old Testament... to today. This work also guides the reader through the elements needed to fulfill the purpose for having "entered" the Body, which "finish the race" and finish lawfully (applying mercy and holding to Grace), according to the leading of the Spirit.

Who are these Short Studies for?



Christian Baptism

By Pastor G. E. Newmyer

The Doctrine of Baptisms can become a convoluted subject at best, especially when one adds in all the Traditions, Presumptions, or Fringe elements into the equation. For instance, we see the “One Baptism,” then “John’s Baptism,” “Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus,” “Baptism of Service with the Cup,” and “Baptized in the Holy Ghost and Fire.” Where do we begin?



A Communion/Passover Study

By Pastor G. Evan Newmyer

Communion and Passover have some profound connections; yet we know that there are differences between them as well. Jesus told us to take Communion as a "Remembrance", thus Communion is more of a time of reflection on what Jesus has done, compared to what we have done, as we allow the Spirit to examine us. Communion is more of a Belief builder, than a Faith builder since it is based on Remembering.



The Beatitudes & Mercy

A Commentary from

Lesson 11

Genesis to Revelation

By Pastor G. E. Newmyer

And seeing the multitudes, He went up into a mountain: and when He was set, His disciples came unto Him: (5:1).

Moses went to the mountain alone, while Jesus takes the people to the Mountain. If we desire to follow Jesus up this Mountain, we must say to the destroying mountain, Be Gone.




By Pastor G. Evan Newmyer

This Short Study will cover the definition and meaning of special relationships, known as Covenants, which help to move the soul closer to God.


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