Remember Me - The CD

Song Descriptions

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Track #1: "Remember Me" - This song, written from the perspective of Jesus speaking at the Last Supper, invites us all to attune to the beautiful, healing power of His Presence (by the Spirit) each day and share it with others, everywhere we go.

Track #2: "By Your Love, They Will Come To Know Me" - This song speaks of completing the circle of love, via expressions of mercy, forgiveness, and Grace, as we wait upon the Spirit of God to lead us.

Track #3: "Our Father" - This song is based on the classic prayer, “The Our Father,” with an added verse speaking of spiritual transformation made possible by the Spirit of God.

Track #4: "Glory" - This song proclaims the passion we feel when expressing our love for God.

Track #5: "Thank You for Praying for Me" - This song speaks of the miracles and comfort that can come from our simple prayers for one another.

Track #6: "24th Psalm" - This song features powerful orchestration and the always relevant prophetic words to the 24th Psalm.

Track #7: "Your Name" - This song expresses the beauty, authority, mercy, and power found in of the Name of Jesus.

Track #8: "Nothing That Compares" - This song speaks of the sweet and powerful Spirit of God that brings "life" to us every day; and indeed, “nothing can compare” to that sweet and marvelous presence of the Spirit of God.

Track #9: "Holy" - This song speaks of the joy of growing closer to God each day.

Track #10: "Today" - This song speaks of fresh beginnings in our personal, spiritual path.

Track #11: "23rd Psalm":  This song features music to lighten the heart as if to lift you to that wonderful pasture, where David may have written his Psalms… and from where you can contemplate the peace of God.

Track #12: "Amazing Grace" - This is a tender rendition of this much loved, traditional song.

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