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Please enjoy these Lyrics from the "Remember Me" Song Collection for your personal prayer and relaxation time or to share with others. Since elements of "The Message of the Lighthouse" are described in the Lyrics of the Songs, "Remember Me" & "By Your Love, They Will Come to Know Me"...we have included those two songs, along with a few others for Audio Review in the MP3 Player adjacent to this article.

To hear samples of all songs from this Album, please go to Ann Wolf's CD Baby Artist's Page.



"Remember Me" - The CD

  Song Descriptions

This spirit-filled collection celebrates the Mercy & Grace of God. With moving lyrics & stirring orchestrations, each song is an unforgettable musical experience, speaking to the deepest part of the soul and to the heart of our personal relationship with God via the Spirit within; these selections are perfect for personal or group meditation, communion, prayer, baptisms, weddings, etc. Here are some song descriptions...


Remember Me

The Album



& Special Thanks

Dear Friends;

It is with great pleasure that I am able announce to my family in God, the release of the new recording, "Remember Me." 

Feeling "called" to develop the "Message of the Lighthouse" (overall mission) as of the fall of 2001, many years of preparation subsequently went into the writing of the music and production of this recording as well as to the building of the Website which is now the home base for "Remember Me," in addition to many others resources designed to encourage and support a balanced Spiritual Life.

Special thanks to our wonderful team! This project was completed as a group effort; my first thanks goes to God to whom I give deep thanks for His protection, His guidance, and the opportunity to share with others in such a wonderful way... through music and words....


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