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Bringing Tongues Of Fire From The Sparks Of Faith...




By Rev. G. Evan Newmyer



Before we continue on with the New Testament Letters we must gain some knowledge regarding metaphors, allegories, and numbers. Paul used many allegories, as did Peter, John and of course Jude. It will be difficult to know what they are talking about, unless we can gain a foothold on these matters. If we think none of these writers used metaphors we have to ask, When is the last time you saw a "well without water" sitting in a pew? What does it mean? Both the word Well and Water remind us of how Jesus said we would be wells with Living water springing forth, so are we really wells? Jesus said we are sheep, so are we little lambs who have gone astray? We know these terms are metaphors, but are there other symbols not as obvious?



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Bringing Tongues Of Fire

From The Sparks Of Faith...





By Rev. G. Evan Newmyer


After going through the history, the warfare lesson, then metaphors and allegories,  we wonder if we will ever see the Glory, or if we can be Justified before God. Most assuredly we can, it’s what Grace is all about. It's a matter of Understanding the Process, rather than waiting for it to happen, or assuming it has happened. The greatest element of Grace is the Relationship, based on “Follow Me”; no matter what anyone else does, we as individuals can make it. There are various forms of being justified, one can be justified before the Law of Moses, but it doesn’t mean they are justified before God. They can be justified before mankind, but it doesn’t mean they are justified by God. They can even be justified in their own eyes, but it doesn’t mean they are either justified by God. The Romans made an error, one anyone can make; they confused the declaration of Justification with the performance, assuming they were justified, yet ended judging others. Their situation tells us much, they were in the Body, like the Corinthians they had the Spirit, but they were judging people, in the process they became judged. If Justification is being innocent, how then can Paul say “therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whosoever you are who judges, for wherein you judge another you condemn yourself, for you do the same things” (Rom 2:1). Clearly if they are innocent, they could not be condemned, unless they confused the Declaration with the Performance.

Romans is not the first letter written by Paul, yet the Holy Ghost wanted it first in the process of learning; therefore, it must contain information regarding our Foundation. The Book of Romans is going to be our first look at the check and balance system of God. Let us get into Romans, in order to find what the Lord has for us.



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Bringing Tongues Of Fire 

From The Sparks Of Faith...




By Rev. G. Evan Newmyer  


The Romans were a snap compared to the Corinthians, for the Romans it was a matter of focus; getting their eyes back on Jesus and off others. To the Corinthians it was getting them to open their eyes to their own selves. The most dangerous situation a leader can find their self in is facing the Corinthian mindset; yet fighting the carnal with the carnal is like one tornado fighting another, an awful lot of innocent people get hurt. Whenever we attempt to minister or disciple to anyone through our soul alone, it ends with the blind leading the blind. Paul’s approach toward the Corinthians is for them to look at their own selves as they are seen. They had the Spirit, but they were not Spiritual, rather they were still carnal. To us it seems impossible, but here we find it. Nonetheless, this letter will lead us to discover some wondrous things, it’s a wonder Paul didn’t kill them. We will find some areas where our Doctrine will be strengthened, some where your eyes may be opened. Corinth is also an example of how the “gates of hell” are implanted, as well as how to respond when facing them.

Second Corinthians gives us our first real look at “friendly fire” from within the Body, and how the waster was created to destroy. These two working manuals help those who are called to the ministry, those called into intercessory prayer, and those called.

Romans showed us the self-danger, or what we do to ourselves when we fail to discern; Corinthians shows the damage we do to others when we fail to enter the Spiritual. When we fail to walk in the Spiritual we will remain carnal in nature, but as Paul said in Romans, to be carnal minded is death.


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