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Bringing Tongues Of Fire From The Sparks Of Faith...





This lesson will not divulge some secret mystery, but it may show us the division between the Body and Church, or perhaps add something to our hope we may have missed. Each of us heard the calling of God's prophetic voice, we know Jesus said Many are called, but Few are chosen, yet we are determined to be among the Chosen. 

However, the Body of Christ is on this earth, within the Body we find Good fish and Bad, Wheat and Tares, a man’s enemies are of his own household. The term "Church" has become more of a metaphor, or a general term for those of the Body, thus for the sake of clarity we used Church (with a capital C) in reference to the Church which is established on the Rock, and church (with a lower case c) in reference to the Body on earth: the term Body refers to the Body on the earth. This helps keep things in order, thus when we see the terms “church of Jerusalem”, “Western church”, or the “Easter church”, or “church father” we understand they are not The Church, but elements of the Body. Therefore, history is not really a look at the Church, it’s a look at the Body, the same premise we find regarding the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. We don’t want to make the mistake of thinking the History is about the Church, when it’s about the Body (churches).



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Bringing Tongues Of Fire 
From The Sparks Of Faith...




By Rev.  G. Evan Newmyer



After getting this far one might ask, "Don't you think it's a little late to talk about the Holy Spirit?". No, we're right on time; before we venture into Letters we must gain an understanding of the Holy Spirit, how He affects our new Life in Christ. The theological title of this study would be Pneumatology, or the study of spiritual beings, or spirits, more important it’s considered the title used in the Doctrine of the Holy Ghost, but to keep it simple we merely called it “The Holy Spirit”.

We know having the Holy Spirit is indispensable, but why? Jesus said that born of the flesh was flesh, but that Born of the Spirit is Spirit, two different natures. All of mankind is born of the flesh, making mankind fleshly in nature, but in order to identify with a God who is Spirit, ones soul must be Spirit. Natural man assumes man has a “spirit” of God, but the Bible tells us natural man is run by the spirit of man, also known as the spirit of disobedience. Jesus provided us a means to be loosed from the earth by having heaven loosed in us.




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Bringing Tongues Of Fire 
From The Sparks Of Faith...




By Rev. G. Evan Newmyer



This lesson points to what is called Warfare, but centers on the clarity regarding Warfare. Spiritual Warfare seems to be a fairly new concept for the modern day Christian, or at least the interest seems fairly new. Actually the concept of Warfare has been around since Eve faced the serpent, but the concept of Spiritual Warfare is only about 2,000 years old. When the serpent rebelled he lost any spiritual ability he had, he is now limited to the things common to man, or natural elements, thus being a spirit, yet not being spiritual is possible, indicating why Paul said the spirit of man knows the things of man, but is completely ignorant of the things of the Spirit of God. The Corinthians had the Spirit, yet were carnal, thus for us having the Spirit, yet not being spiritual is possible, yet Paul also called it spiritual wickedness (iniquity).  

The devil began as a spirit with spiritual abilities, Adam began as a living soul with the flesh. The devil used a physical attraction to entice the soul of Adam to engage in an activity forbidden by God; however, was the fruit evil? The warfare was not over the fruit, rather it was in reference to the desire to reach above what God had granted. Adam made an ungodly decision regarding a God created element, beginning the concept of Warfare. Our venture into this area is to make some Godly divisions and separations so we can bring Order to the prospective of Warfare. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but neither do we want to use the devil’s wheel, calling it of God. We desire to conduct ourselves in the manner God intended in accordance with Mercy and Grace.


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