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Regarding different available "versions" of Pastor Newmyer's writings ....


Since the passing of Rev. Newmyer from this world, the Sozo Bible Institute staff made a decision to close its doors and take down the original teaching website.

Yet, because these Lessons and Short Studies written by the Pastor, have been made available to many folks including Sozo Bible Institute alumni... and of course, to certain individuals who were close to the Pastor during his life... we know that there may be many "versions" of his work or abbreviations thereof, circulating around, which at times, could be quite different in nature from what the author originally wrote or intended.

Pastor Newmyer's material, available on the Message of the Lighthouse Website, is in its original form, as penned by him. It is offered here on a free-will, love-offering basis (See Legal Statement), with only a few alterations having been made with regard to punctuation, spelling or grammar, but never to the content. Message of the Lighthouse has added pictures to each article from their own gallery (or from public domain sources) to enhance the study experience.


Also, since the "Introduction" to the Lessons as well as the final Chapter of the Lesson regarding "The Holy Spirit" were directed to students of the former Sozo Bible Institute, then we will omit these two sections at Message of the Lighthouse, and continue on with the 28 Lessons which apply to all God-seekers.

Of course, no "study" or "commentary" should ever replace the Bible itself or be seen in any way as "more important" than Scriptures; but from personal experience I have seen that there is a God-inspired reason why each sentence in these Lessons has been placed in the order in which it was written into the overall Lesson Plan, to support the “understanding” that is being built over time, premise upon premise, as the student progresses through the Lessons, from start to finish.

Especially since the Pastor is not with us on earth at this point, and therefore cannot speak on behalf of his body of work...utmost respect is being given here, to leave the original material alone and let the Holy Ghost lead the readers through the learning process provided through these Lessons, as was originally intended.

So, at Message of the Lighthouse, we are not able to vouch for any other manuscripts which list the author as Pastor Newmyer; but we can say that these transcripts published here, came to us directly from the Pastor's office, while he was yet on earth.

So, with that being said, you are most welcome to "jump in" for a fresh dip into a "cool pool of soul-satisfying inspiration"....starting with the Short Studies and then traveling on through the other Lessons.... "From Genesis to Revelation."

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Ev. Ann M. Wolf