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By Ev. Ann M. Wolf

A Personal or Group Study as God leads you...

With a special focus on "walking in Mercy while holding to Grace," these Lessons by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer are life-changing, incredibly anointed, and some of the best perspectives on the application of Christian values to daily life, available anywhere today.

Written without the burden of allegiance to one man-made doctrine or another, this fascinating Study leads the reader through the practical and the divine, connecting "type and shadow" found in the Old Testament to today. This work also guides the reader through the elements needed to fulfill the purpose for having "entered" the Body, which "finish the race" and finish lawfully (applying mercy and holding to Grace), according to the leading of the Spirit.


For Pastors

Bible Teachers

Cell Ministry & Home Church Groups

Spiritual Life & Recovery Support Groups

And for all folks who are passionate about the Scriptures

Preparing for a sermon or class, or for general study by groups or individuals...

These Lessons are named after Books of the Bible and appear in the same order that we find them in the King James Version of the Bible (KJV). The content also follows the verses of Scripture, section by section, and in some cases, verse by verse, which makes it easy to locate commentary regarding any part of the Bible. This can be especially helpful when studying a particular Book/Chapter or when doing research to prepare for an upcoming presentation, class, or sermon.

Order of Study: As mentioned above, these Lessons are a wonderful source of "Commentary" when studying any topic or area of the Bible; however, for maximum impact and for the deepest of learning experiences, it is my personal recommendation that every serious Bible student and every member called to Leadership, read the Course from start to finish, regardless of how long this may take, or how many interruptions may occur. Not only will the Holy Ghost (guiding element of God) help you gain from the whole experience, but this Course was written to benefit the readers by building one value upon the other, one step at a time... an experience which one cannot have by jumping around the different Lessons.

But even with that being said, it is always delightful to consult the pages for a fresh, in-depth look at any area of the Bible which is under consideration.

Sharing the Journey/No Timetable required: So, should the Holy Ghost lead you to us, as I and many others were once led to this Course, and should you feel moved to accomplish this great study from start to finish... then trust the Guidance of God in the matter and just begin.

For some, you will accomplish this course in a matter of months, while others may need years. It took me exactly three years to complete the Course, working on it several days per week. Though there may be a temptation to feel overwhelmed when facing the beginning of this journey, you can relax and enjoy whatever time you have to devote to exploring the Lessons, since there is no time table that must be adhered to; but, those of us who reach for the Spirit can be certain that there is a plan and perfect "Holy Ghost timing" by which are all guided, that is always special and unique for each of us.

With God in control, we can walk by faith knowing that the necessary time will open up to complete everything which The Father has ordained and that we have in our heart to do.... right on time. Amen?

Having the Holy Ghost as your Guide and Partner throughout the studies: In fact, you may find as I did, that each time you pick up the Lessons to resume reading, you will marvel at how you either just had an experience related to the next paragraph in the studies, or you may feel in your gut, that somehow, somewhere, soon... you will put to use what you have just become aware of.

Learning "by the Holy Ghost" is a "living experience" which will tie in to every detail of your life, in very relevant and inspirational ways.

Pray for Guidance: Regardless of which Study Plan you follow, whether it is with us or with Study Plans provided by other organizations, as long as the material you are focused on is truly anointed, and as long as you remain open to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, throughout the learning process... then it just becomes a matter of starting at the beginning of a given program and working one's way through to the end, while enjoying the journey.

By all means, pray about whether or not you or your group would benefit from completing these Lessons; however, whichever program you choose, we wish you God-speed and much spiritual enjoyment throughout your experience of deep study.

You are always welcome to refer to any of these Short Studies or Lessons as a supplement to whatever other sources of information that you are enjoying at any given time. Read More.

Is there a charge for the use of these Lessons?

"Freely ye have received, freely give" -
Matthew 10:8 (KJV)

There is no charge for use of these Lessons; but visitors & participants are welcome to give an offering or purchase music (as the Spirit leads), either of which greatly supports our efforts here at MOTL.


Permission for this material to be put in service...
was given by the author to "use in whatever way God calls," and as was granted the faithful alumni of the Sozo Bible Institute.

As a graduate of Sozo Bible Institute and as a servant of Christ, it is now my turn to share this marvelous material with the Family in Christ, in the tradition and standards by which Pastor G. Evan Newmyer birthed the work (by the leading of the Holy Spirit), that each might come into the fullness of the blessed purpose which God has given every soul.

Again, you are welcome to consider utilizing one of our Study Plans if you would enjoy the support of friends through a more structured exploration of the Lessons provided at Message of the Lighthouse.

In the words of the late Pastor G. Evan Newmyer....

"These studies are designed for those who have a heart to reach for and hold to the Cross of Christ."

So beloved, in whatever way you are called to serve.....May God Bless and keep you as you strive to walk in Mercy and as you reach for and hold close to the Spirit of God.

Sincerely, Ev. Ann M. Wolf


LEGAL: The use of SOZO Bible Study Lessons, Newsletters or Short Studies (written/penned by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer as scribe and author, prior to his passing from this world) has been given to Ann M. Wolf by written permission from the author, as was customarily granted to alumni of the Sozo Bible Institute. All rights are reserved.

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