A Special Bible Study for young folks

and...the young at heart! 

Thank you for being our Special Guest at Message of the Lighthouse/Lighthouse Leadership In Action!

This marvelous Study by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer gives the reader a fascinating tour through the Bible, introducing important stories, while bringing forth great messages in simple terms for mature kids and for the young at heart of all ages!

Whether you have kids around or not, I greatly encourage everyone to read through these pages and enjoy as I have, the helpful insight available here, which will enhance your overall understanding of these important Bible passages.

Again, thank you for your interest in our Young People's Study area today and we pray that you will have a most enjoyable learning experience.


Ann M. Wolf & the Lighthouse Leadership Staff

Legal Disclosure: The use of SOZO Bible Study Lessons, Newsletters or Short Studies (written/penned by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer as scribe and author, prior to his passing from this world) has been given to Ann M. Wolf by written permission from the author, as was customarily granted to alumni of the Sozo Bible Institute. This limited permission is given under clear agreement to never “charge” specific amounts for the Lessons, but rather to share the material with others as the Spirit leads, for the purpose of “edification and encouragement,” on a free will offering basis, and while honoring the biblical principal to “teach the truth in love.” We ask then, that the desires of the original scribe (Rev. Newmyer) be respected; therefore the material can be shared among those who are dedicated in their study of the Bible, but shared freely without charging specific fees and with respect to the copyright laws of the land and states. All rights are reserved.